When you embrace change, you gather more willpower than you thought possible.


Many human beings are perfectly fine just sticking to what they know, staying at one constant, and finding satisfaction there. Avoiding change is easy because change is the unknown. We typically fear the unknown. Change will hold you hostage if you do not take control of it, and own it. Change is all around us, let me talk some more about it!

For anyone born between 1970- 2000 we recognize that our baby boomer parents had a different time, where manufacturing was a big thing and the internet did not exist. Local people drove the business of the time and there was much less occupation variety. It was easy to get along just knowing your little neighbourhood, or your small town outside of the city. This is not so anymore, everything is different!

With so many thousands of jobs created since our information society took off, change happens every few years seemingly, and many have written about it now and how change continues to ramp up to the point that it is a constant way of being for anyone living today. Even from 2005, look how much social media has changed the way major corporations do business, and empowered business owners with new tools to captivate bigger shares of the market!

Not just accepting, but embracing change allows you to be ready for what tomorrow will throw at you. Paul Zane Pilzer was never more right when he said that those who learn to constantly adapt will be the most successful millionaires of tomorrow. The average career is down to 7 years according to his book from 2006 The Next Millionaires Embracing change allows you to live absent of fear of the unknown, for you are expecting nothing to stay the same, you are ready to adapt with what is thrown at us the following day.

It is the year 2013, humanity shares information faster and better than we ever have, we have woken up to many things swept under the carpet for decades, and the global population has the tools and available knowledge to rise up more effectively than ever before. Humanity is fighting for a brand new era, and we are all part of it. Everyone is sick of seeing poverty, death, and lack of control. People are waking up, and it will be violent at times but it will lead to greater control of the planet by the populace, not the ‘elected’ officials and powerful wealthy elite. Real wealth and freedom is being created by the globalized individuals and new methods of distributing wealth.

So what changes have you made? Here’s a list of mine in 2013:

I said good bye to certain inflammatory, poisonous food and drink choices in my diet: Soda, Dairy(mostly), 90% of breads(no cheap or heavily processed), Reduced meat intake by half, Cut back on over eating, and started taking amazing supplements.

I asked the woman I always knew Id be with to marry me.


I finally let my entrepreneurial spirit allow me to enroll in a network marketing, independent distributor business opportunity with the right company called 7.2 The Alkaline Company (Cheapest and best way to become your own boss, find the right company and get to work!)Image

I began incorporating more alkaline food choices and supplements into my diet to live the alkaline lifestyle

and the biggie:

My fiancee and I decided to start a new life by moving across our wonderful country to Nanaimo, British Columbia. Left my job behind, intend on going to school for natural nutrition, and open and looking for new opportunities.

2012 was not the end of the world but rather us saying good bye to the old era and heralding in the new era, the official turning point to the age of information. We will only speed up from here, so brace yourselves. I decided to make this year my year of change, one that would change who I am, what I am doing in life, and where I will end up.

So what does this have to do with Alkalinity you say? EVERYTHING.

As I mentioned before, negative thoughts, stress from living conditions, and general stagnation leading to bad habits are all directly or indirectly involved with acid generation in the body.

By making such a positive change I am relieving stress, giving myself a boost of positive energy, and enabling myself to grow and learn which should increase my overall happiness! A holistic and alkaline direction!

Always remember, our bodies are designed by nature to operate at a slightly alkaline level- that is when we are impervious to disease, that is when we thrive with high energy levels and less stress, and that internal condition is what leads to a long happy life- this is what I strive for, this is what I will attain!

If you are interested in 7.2 The Alkaline Company or The Alkaline Movement always feel free to email me or check out my products for your health tab. Perhaps you want to set yourself free and become an independent distributor? I have never been more excited than I am now to be a part of a huge new trend in the health and wellness industry!

Disconnecting for a few days! Gotta get a truck loaded up and then catch a flight on Wednesday!

Catch you all from the west coast,


2 responses to “When you embrace change, you gather more willpower than you thought possible.

    • Okay my friend, if you check out my products for your health I have linked some decent related videos but you can also go to evan.sevenpoint2.com to get more information. When I am back online next week I will gladly answer more questions you have, and we can discuss if you would like to get on board, no pressure 🙂 It has to feel right, like it did for me.

      Talk to you next week, following you as well now. Also edited the post to clean up a few errors!

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