My 7.2 Transformation Challenge

Transformation On September 23rd I decided to start the 72 day Transformation Alkalinity challenge. I was ready discipline wise to do so. The diet consists of adhering to an 80/20 split, 80 % fruits and vegetables choices, 20% meat,nuts/seeds, grains. I compliment this diet with the extremely healthy and powerful 7.2 Alkaline Products such as the Booster, Shake, Greens, and wonder product Recovery. So far almost every day has been followed properly with exception to a couple of meals.

Prior to the challenge on my modified diet I had taken my pH twice and both times I was around 6.6 ~ 6.8 which was way up from spring where I know I was probably sitting in  a more acidic state of 6~6.2- I didn’t feel right inside. It’s what sparked my mission, this blog, my new direction. I listened to my body’s SOS signals and reconnected with the folks that introduced me to 7.2. As of 7 days into the challenge I took my pH again and I was sitting right in around 7.1~ 7.2 a mildly alkaline state! I was thrilled!

I already for months have ruled out fast food, junk food, nasty additives and preservatives,refined sugars, most bread including cheap wheat grains and gluten, dairy (with exception to quality cheese here and there), limited eating out and to healthier choices when I did so, limited red meat,  and overall better food selection with about 50% being alkaline forming foods like fruits and vegetables.

As of October 2nd I have lost 7 pounds in 9 days, and I have felt increasingly healthier. My energy levels are more consistent and increased, and there are no periods in the day where I feel drained once I am up and going. The alkaline lifestyle has made me feel better than I have ever felt in about a decade now. In my late teenage years into my early twenties 19-23 my diet choices started to falter, and my exercise started to become less and less. I have maintained a semi active lifestyle never being in peak physical shape but still being able to compete in pick up sports and run if I had to without being out of breath, with periods where I start to get active followed by periods of relative inactivity. I have been in this rut from 24-26 mostly because of my work schedule back in Ontario before I moved to British Columbia.

Now with the new lifestyle change and with the aid of my 7.2 supplements, I am ready to begin my workout regimen. I plan on doing mostly routines of body weight exercise with the help of Abe Fuentes’ routines- the “transformation” coach for the 7.2 Transformation challenge, and cardio in the form of running or biking. Come spring I will likely add some type of water activity such as swimming or kayaking. I plan on continuing the alkaline diet without any added exercise until day 30 so I can prove the weight loss results of the diet itself before adding in the physical exercise to show that muscle strength, and mass can be achieved while on this program.

Following the 72 day challenge, I will consider going on a more forgiving maintenance diet of 60/40 where more meat and grains can be re-introduced to your diet, but I may just decide to stay 80-20 as I have actually been enjoying this lifestyle thus far. Certain things that I cut out of my diet entirely will remain that way, I FEEL better with those things gone.

The 7.2 Shake and greens really help with this diet, the source of high quality protein and phyto-nutrients really give your body the proper fuel it needs, and has long lasting energizing effects; anyone considering an alkaline challenge would be well served by incorporating some high quality supplements such as those from 7.2 The Alkaline Company into their plan.

Read more about the 72 day Transformation plan HERE

There is a wealth of good information, and it is free to signup for the challenge to access meal and exercise plans with videos on proper body weight exercises by Abe Fuentes, the transformation coach.

I am an independent distributor for 7.2 The Alkaline Company, and I am always  willing to enlighten you about 7.2 products, for personal consumption, and the business opportunity for anyone interested in being part of this wonderful company. I only joined the company because I loved the products and it made sense not only to have the opportunity to earn free products, but get exclusive pricing as being a distributor and the opportunity to share it with others.  My products for your health page has links to my official seven point 2 vendor website, as well as information directly accessible about the products on the page.

Stay tuned for updates on my challenge, as promised- embarrassing pics to come soon!

Please follow me and my journey to Alkalinity!


Yours in health,

Evan Schroeder

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