72 day challenge summary: positive results despite a failure to adhere to the program.

(originally written December 2013)7.2 - The Alkaline Company

Hello world, it’s been a while!

What a flurry of activity since I last wrote, we bought a house! We move in for the new year, and that has distracted me quite a bit between a changing work schedule and living with my fiancee under the roof of my mother and her husband! It’s a little cramped as we are in a 1200 sq ft house designed to be cozy for two!

A few days ago from writing this, 72 days had elapsed since I began my 72 day challenge. I entered the challenge at 235 pounds with the goal of getting down to 210 (I am 6’4 so my ideal weight is probably in the low 200s). For the first month everything was going great, I was making very alkaline food decisions and I was feeling amazing! After my birthday where some major cheating occurred and into mid- late October 30 days in is when the diet started to slowly revert back to what my quasi Alkaline diet was at as I began my alkalinity quest.

Unfortunately as November wore on I made more frequent indulgences into desserts and snacks that were not alkaline and very typical of falls and winters past (almost like instinct, you tend to want to pig out as the holiday season starts to kick in, my birthday always being that trigger every October). To make matters worse I have been consuming breads that contain gluten, and after being gluten free for a while let me tell you- IT MUDDLES YOUR MIND. You notice the difference right away when things like gluten are not in your system after doing a great job avoiding it for some time; you can feel the way it just impacts you when you start consuming it again.

I was not totally unsuccessful, as overall I still feel healthier than recent years past, as most of my choices have still been healthy to some degree. There were just some major lapses, but I have good reasons, and this result has only set me up for another go at this in 2014! I will use New Years to launch my resolutions with strength and passion! This is not over, and what is a good story without a struggle and some failures along the way, right!?

So let’s give you some results and break down the causes of my failures, and also notice what successes were made.

I began the challenge at 235 pounds and at the peak of my healthy eating about 30 days in I had weighed in at 220, and I felt more clear headed and healthier than any other point of 2013. That was 15 pounds of weight loss while being on the alkaline diet for 30 days! This was strictly a dietary challenge for me, I did not incorporate any regular exercise (I walk a lot and generally burn calories on my sales job), aside from a few hikes. The idea here was to challenge just the merits of eating an alkaline diet. The diet itself was working, I had great energy levels, so where did I go wrong?

I am not living in my own space, I am a guest in someone elses home. Moving across the country meant that my fiancee and I had to take the generous accommodations we could while we got on our feet. Sharing a grocery bill meant many ingredients in the kitchen were not of our choice. When dinners are shared, and certain things aren’t always there, or things that wouldn’t be there in our house- temptation was hard to resist. I am grateful for being looked after since we moved across country and needed to get on our feet, but it made the alkalinity challenge a real challenge- one that I couldn’t meet for a sustained period of time.

At the end of the challenge I weighed in at 222.5 so my quasi alkaline diet was able to more or less maintain the weight I had achieved over the first 30 days in the last 42! Not bad, not an overall failure after all. I am still 13 pounds lighter than I was when I began the challenge.

I really owe a lot of the success I take out of this challenge to my 7.2 products. I supplemented quite a few breakfasts with the 7.2 shake and greens. I took alkaline boosters to help recapture alkalinity after eating nutrient dense yet acidic meals, and 7.2 recovery just kept my energy levels and mental clarity about me, combating mental fog after I consumed some gluten laden desserts and breads (not doing that anymore, very angry at myself for that).

What I take from this is some good insight and motivation for 2014 when I will be back in my own kitchen where it will be setup to support more alkaline and raw food choices, a true environment for me to succeed in my quest to achieve the level of health I have been seeking. I will do a better job to document my health quest of 2014, and I will be sure to share the journey with all of you!

Thanks for reading,


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