About this page and me


Thank you for checking out my website and blog!

My name is Evan, I am 27 and I have recently relocated to Nanaimo, British Columbia. I originated from Toronto, Ontario and have made a major transition in order to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle.

The objective of this blog is for ordinary people like you and me to find knowledge and products for us to transform our acidic diets into healthier alkaline ones! I have begun the transformation of going from a slightly acidic state to one of being  alkaline. Assisting me in this journey is my passion for learning about holistic nutritional choices and the right supplements.

While I have always been through cycles from relative decent health to not so optimal health, I really let go of healthy eating from January- April of 2013. It was then that I started to feel a reoccurring pain from two years prior where tests couldn’t turn up anything and I knew my body was telling me that my diet was hurting me. I realized it was time to go back to a healthy diet but permanently. My lack of energy and overall feeling of suboptimal health and mental cloudiness finally motivated me that enough was enough and it was time to be the best me I could be.

I have incorporated much more fruits and vegetables into my diet since my decision and I have cut out unnecessary grains and carbohydrates especially products that are made with gluten, MSG, Genetically Modified, overly processed, or laden with preservatives and unnatural additives. All of these things just contribute to degrading your health which ultimately results in obesity and disease when consumed on the regular. Living in optimal health is not easy and requires breaking old habits, but this is a place where I will share what is working for me, and how I shake old routines!

Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

I have also become a distributor for 7.2 The Alkaline Company!

Check out the videos located here http://www.nextmajorshift.com/

and then head to http://www.evan.sevenpoint2.com/

to learn more about this easy and unique Alkaline product line or check out the products for your health tab on my blog!

Feel free to email me to share or suggest anything at naturalalkalinehealth@gmail.com

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